Bringing fleets together.

Built by contractors, for contractors, developed in the USA.
So easy, the whole team can learn in 30 minutes or less.

Every Move Matters.

With insights at your fingertips, you can see where your machine is, where it has been, and how it was used with the Move Log.

View everything in one place.

Add everything in your fleet, regardless of manufacturer, to Aardvark Dash. From there, monitor inspections, move logs, DTC alerts, and more for every piece of equipment in your fleet.

Assign and organize easily.

Assign jobsites, groups, and regions to view your equipment according to your company's structure.

Inspect it all.

with the Inspect App from Aardvark Analytics.

Prevent downtime before it happens.

Get a clear picture of alerts, inspection tasks, and routine maintenance, and start taking advantage of natural downtime.

Set fleet goals.
Change behavior.

Clearly illustrate the cost of idle time and set standards for your teams with Fleet Goals. Set utilization goals for your team with Fleet Goals. Start attributing real dollars to idle time. Watch your teams react to their profitability.

Say hello to the end of service whiteboards

Fully integrate work order system to track, schedule, assign, and complete work. Resolve all machine DTC, inspections, and maintenance in one work order.


Take action on valuable insights.

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